Why I want to Vacation in Belize

I believe my husband  Jeff & I deserve the most amazing Vacation in Belize for so many reasons. Jeff has lived an incredibly tragic life, but his sense of humor has allowed him to overcome obstacles placed in his path.

]He’s so lucky to be alive & I’m so lucky to have him. Jeff  was victim of a hit & run accident. While  walking to his car someone hit him & sped off  never turning back. The result , Jeff in a coma for months. The outlook wasn’t good. Thankfully, his strength & perseverance allowed Jeff to come back into this world & I’m lucky to be called his wife!  Jeff sadly lost one of his legs & survived brain trauma due to the accident. He’s never once given up on himself, or us. As if Jeff’s story couldn’t get worse, he lost his father to a murder.  Despite all of these terrible things Jeff’s sense of humor, drive to succeed and all around great character are admired by everyone Jeff knows, especially me.[pullquote]We can’t wait to spend a vacation in Belize together, as husband and wife![/pullquote]

I’ve been facing some serious challenges myself lately as I was recently diagnosed with Diabetes. Taking control of this lifelong, chronic disease has been very wearing on my body and my mind.  It’s scary to think that a person can wake up to receive news like this. It has  not been easy for me to handle a life altering change like this on top of everything else.

We desperately  need this vacation more than anyone because together we’ve battled more than most people do in a lifetime and we’re just now getting our life started together at 30 & 40 years of age. We truly deserve to lay back and relax for once. We can’t wait to spend a vacation in Belize together, as husband and wife!

Photo credit: Tony Rath

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