Belize -My Eco-tourism Destination

I would choose Chaa Creek Belize as my ecotourism destination for several reasons. First, the country of Belize is blessed by an abundance of animal life, natural environments, and outdoor activities. People can see animals around the world, but I imagine that nowhere is quite like Chaa Creek. It’s about “being there” but with balance, humans and animals coinciding peacefully and learning about each other through observation and interaction.

While we are intrigued by our animal amigos, imagine what they think of us, with our big sunglasses and crazy hats! I recently started a shark-diving project for cancer survivors in the United States, and this would help me learn how to live and work in harmony with our planet and fellow inhabitants. I could use what I learn to make an eco-conscious company and impact others through safe, zero-impact animal encounters. Maybe I could even bring a survivor with me on the trip and sneak off for a swim with whale sharks, the largest fish in the sea, during one of our day trips!

With all the wildlife and options, it would certainly be hard to pick! At least, I know, with Chaa Creek, I can make my decisions with the peace of mind that I’m not only preserving what is all around me but also preparing new ways to share our amazing planet with others. For years, I have had a green tack for Belize on my world map. I always thought the color symbolized my desire to “go” to one of my dream places. Maybe, instead, it’s showing my duty to go “green” in Belize with Chaa Creek! Please help this shark diver take the next step in becoming an eco-champion, above and below sea level!

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