Can a summer make a difference?

Could it be that kids today are less in touch with nature because of computers and hand held games? Gone are the days when you see all the neighborhood kids gathering together for a fishing trip, swimming in the creek or just digging worms.[pullquote]It is not too early to start planning summer activities for your kids now.[/pullquote]

Schools may promote environmental education, conservation practices or once a year’s celebration of Earth Day. However, the lack of real life, hands-on exposures to environmental education may lead to a generation of unaware and ill prepared young adults. We might be producing a generation of people that lacks the knowledge of sustainable and responsible living.

Ever been in school trips where kids just leave candy wrappers and soda cans in buses or meeting halls? I bet you even notice adults doing the same thing. After a meeting below their seats, you will find empty cans, empty sandwich wrappers or pieces of papers.

Sometimes it takes a trip to ‘another world’ to open our eyes…

Chaa Creek  offers a nine days summer program for school kids from 7-15 years old. It is called Eco Kids Rainforest Adventure Chaa Creek Summer Camp from July 23-31, 2011.

According to Chaa Creek, this program is to educate children about biodiversity, natural resource conservation, the ancient Maya, traditional healing, and the three “R”, reduce, reuse and recycle. You can read all about this great program here.

Where exactly is this place? It is in Belize, the only English speaking country in Central America. In fact, it has very similar legal and government system as the British. It was a British Colony since 1798 and run as an independent country since 1981.

It is not too early to start planning summer activities for your kids now. For more information please go to the Chaa Creek website for details.

Make a difference to your kids’ life and our fragile earth this summer! This program may make a difference to their life long mission and career.

The above article was written by Claudia Looi. You can find her at

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4 thoughts on “Can a summer make a difference?

  1. I am not personally familiar with Belize however I have a close friend who lived and worked their for several years…he described it as the closest thing on earth to paradise! Great Article Claudia, thanks for sharing your interesting insights!

  2. I have never been in Belize either, but to organize a vacation for your children should be with care; kids love great adventures that’s for sure! Claudia, great job!!

  3. Belize is a fantastic place to bring your kids and explore. There are so many fun activities that they will be outdoors for and seeing a different culture as a child can be extremely beneficial. Travel opens up a person’s eyes to the world and exposing your children to different parts of the world should be encouraged (especially a place as beautiful as Belize). This sounds like a great program!

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