Diversity in Harmony

What do you do if your family has different dreams and forms of relaxation for a summer vacation? Dad likes snorkeling and anything to do with the sea. Mom likes to be relaxing by the pool with a book and at the aromatherapy spa. The ten year old son likes the outdoors, anything to do with reptiles, animals, birds and plants. The teenage daughter likes horseback riding and cultures.

It is like having to speak French to buy a loaf of bread, English for a cup of tea and Italian for pizza—all in one place. Most families may just go for the annual cruise and not venture out of their comfort zone. Just to please everybody.

We are proud to present to you a Belize resort that can cater to the whole family. Dad can explore the second largest Barrier Reef in the world, The Great Belize Barrier Reef, snorkeling and diving at the same. He may also indulge in fly fishing at the Ambergris Caye or if he is brave enough, he could dive at the famous Belize Blue Hole.

At Chaa Creek, we have the Hilltop Spa for mom to unwind and find her solace. Mom will be pampered by professional therapists amongst rainforest trees and plants with tropical birds singing in the air. After the luxurious spa treatment mom can head to our eco-friendly pool to further relaxation with a book in hand and a drink at the other.

Son can learn all about animals, reptiles, birds and the plants of Belize at our annual Eco Kids Rainforest Adventure or go on a two hour bird watching tour. The property has over 308 species of birds. He can be occupied at night by taking a guided tour of Creatures of the Night Walk. Be on the lookout for Howler Monkeys, Patoos and Owls just to name a few of the tropical species in Belize.

Daughter can take the horseback riding tours to the Maya Organic Farm. She will definitely appreciate a tour to the Maya Temple Sites to learn about the history of the Mayan people and to discover their cultures. Maybe she may get to mingle with the people of the village.

If you are planning for a family vacation to please your diverse crowd, look no further. This is the place that you will achieve harmony…. In all areas of life!

The above article was written by Claudia Looi. You can find her at ww.uncommongeneration.com

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