Easter at Chaa Creek, Belize

What do you get when you combine a Belize adventure with a spring holiday family break? An Easter egg hunt, of course!

Now you may think that an Iguana egg hunt secretly orchestrated by the shy Agouti – Belize’s short eared, fast-running herbivore and omnipresent rainforest resident, may be more in keeping with this tropical paradises landscape.

But just as the Easter egg finds its traditional place as the talisman of new life and the herald of spring, so does Chaa Creek celebrate this age old activity with the multinational cadre of eco-children visiting our 365 acre nature reserve as spring comes to the tropics and announces the nesting time for toucans and parrots within a riotous pallet of brightly coloured trees.

The egg hunt started first thing this morning with families having early post chocolate breakfasts and preparing for the day’s activities including the eco-kids treasure hunt and visits to Maya ceremonial caves and temples, zip-lining, cave tubing, horseback riding and canoeing.

Not that the kids needed a sugar fueled morning race to pique their energy but hey, maybe mom and dad could use a little sweet spike later this evening when the day’s activities wind down and the little ones take yet another splash in the pool as their parents reflect on the plethora of experiential activities that Chaa Creek has to offer and what they can all share again  together tomorrow.

As we look towards the celebration of Belize as the Heartland of the Maya civilization for our year-long 2012 National Festival that beckons to the awakening of a new era of the Maya calendar, we may wonder if the Maya too had a traditional celebration of egg lore.

We do know about another past civilization, the ancient Zoroastrians who painted eggs for Nawrooz, their New Year celebration, which falls on the Spring equinox. The Nawrooz tradition has existed for at least 2,500 years.

But whatever your own historical family plans for Eastertide, Chaa Creek would like to wish all of our past, present and future guests a joyous celebration of the wonderment of family and the beauty of togetherness.

We hope that we will remain your family destination choice for a wide range of adventurous tours and experiential activities as we continue to serve you as Belize’s premier award winning eco-lodge and as the preferred family friendly resort since we first opened our doors in 1981.

This is what some of our young eco-kids had to say:

Sam Powell – I really enjoyed making friends and sharing the experience with all everyone. And of course, the best thing was getting all the gum and candy.

Isabel Powell – Running around finding the candy made for an awesome treasure hunt! Something really fun to share with new friends.

Jassie Bennett – Everything was great! I can’t believe how much candy I got!

Zoe Bennett – The entire Easter egg hunt was amazing! I loved grazing for candy early in the morning! I couldn’t ask for anything better.

Audrey Kenefick – I loved competing with family and friends. It was a big Easter Egg hunt jungle adventure.

Bennett Jacobs – Since I was the youngest of everyone, it was nice that everyone shared their candy with me!

Mitchell Taylor – Running around and climbing the trees was worth all the bubble duckies i got!

Macena Taylor – What a great jungle adventure. From checking behind rocks to climbing the trees, I enjoyed rushing around to gather as much eggs and bubble duckies as i could!

Emily Kenefick – I can only use the word FUN to describe it all!  How i wish i had a bigger bag! (Laughs).

Here are some photos of the Easter Egg Hunt Jungle Adventure:

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