I can close my eyes and think of a fantastic trip to Belize

At 5 PM on a weary Sunday night, I sit still with my head rested on my hand. I close my eyes and think back 3 years ago. I was camping in the middle of the Grand Canyon. I lay still in my tent staring at the sky. Thousands of stars look down on me, satellites circle my vision. I feel the happiest I have ever felt; full of life and excitement. I can’t wait for the next day. I close my eyes and dream. I dream of a trip 2 years before. I was hiking a part of the Appalachian trail. I was covered in mud after a fall in the creek, My cheeks were rosy from the long hike through the woods. I close my eyes while I’m eating the best peanut butter and Jelly Sandwich I had ever had. [pullquote]I have been a part of many amazing adventures in my time here.[/pullquote]I think back to a trip to a Rice Plantation in South Carolina. I was volunteering with a group from the Natural Science Museum in Raleigh, North Carolina.  We were counting the alligator population when we were suddenly overcome by the sound of thousands of tiny frogs. We pulled the boat into a small alcove and listened to the most beautiful sound I had ever heard before. I open my eyes…. Where will my mind go the next time it dreams?

Maybe, a few years from now, I can close my eyes and think of a fantastic trip to Belize. I could remember the sounds of the rainforest, the smell of an authentic Belize meal. The sights of the Lodge.

I have been a part of many amazing adventures in my time here. I have left only footprints behind but memories to last a lifetime. I leave with little but return with my head full. I can share and teach people how to be kind to Mother Earth on many different levels. I can show them pictures, videos, articles and I happen to be a great storyteller too! Thanks for offering such a wonderful prize.

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