Increased environmental awareness & Eco-travel destinations have begun to emerge

Tourism has a great impact on economies worldwide. But at times, it could do more damage than good to our environment. Following the philosophy of ecotourism is vital in order to ensure the longevity of our planet. We should minimize our impact on the places we visit and try to lend our assistance to conservation programs. As responsible travelers, we must maintain a careful balance between recreation and preservation. Even small things like not littering, reusing our towels, not buying food or drinks in plastic containers, switching off the lights when leaving the hotel room and choosing to stay in an environmentally-friendly hotel or lodge, would go a long way.

In this era of increased environmental awareness, eco-travel destinations have begun to emerge. The Lodge at Chaa Creek provides individuals with an exceptional travel experience. The management’s commitment to conservation is admirable and totally inspiring for adventurers who have yet to realize the fragility of our ecosystem. It is a place where one could enjoy a vacation that’s not only personally rewarding but also environmentally responsible.

When our planet started to exist, only plants and animals inhabit our world. We humans would wait millions of years to begin our evolution and eventually emerge as the supreme and most dominant species in our territory. It would take a combination of natural calamity (asteroid impact killing all dinosaurs) and a rational mind (that which sets us apart from other life forms) to seal our fate as rulers of the earth.

But are we really? Something tells me that we are just travelers passing by. That all our actions, whether beneficial or detrimental, would reap consequences if not now, in the very near future. That’s why we should all tread lightly on Mother Earth. By protecting our planet, we are also securing our future and that of generations to come.

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