Why choose Chaa Creek Belize as your ecotourism destination

I must first start by saying Responsible Travel is a tourism or leisure activity implementing practices that are respectful of natural and cultural environment and which contribute in an ethical manner to the local economic development. It therefore favors the tourist awareness concerning his/her own impacts on the local territory and makes him/her an actor of his consumption.

Chaa Creek, Belize is the BEST ECO RESORT in the Caribbean. For anyone looking for expeditions that are physically and intellectually stimulating, as well as affordable family vacations, Belizean wedding, honeymoon or Maya adventure vacation packages, or visitors who just wish to relax in comfort while experiencing one of the world’s most vibrant rainforest environments, The Lodge at Chaa Creek continually strives to show their guests what makes Belize truly special.

Belize has a rich heritage and is filled with many vibrant cultures, which is why the Lodge at Chaa Creek is here to introduce you to see what all Belize has to offer and they always endeavored to share their love for what makes Belize so special, and the need to protect this vibrant yet fragile ecosystem.
Chaa Creek has been in existence since 1981, which has create a true jungle experience and the result is an exquisite blend of natural beauty and man-made comforts. It continues to win recognition as one of the Caribbean region’s best examples of sustainable, Green tourism.

For over 30 years Chaa Creek has been providing a comfortable base for exciting inland adventures for thousands of visitors, from explorers, scientists, filmmakers, research groups, students and people of all ages looking for intellectual and physical stimulation in Belize’s vibrant rainforest – the heartland of the Maya and to truly immerse yourself in the Belizean rainforest experience.

In conclusion, I must say that you should come and see for yourself what the Lodge at Chaa Creek has to offer and for you to experience the nature of this beautiful country Belize.

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2 thoughts on “Why choose Chaa Creek Belize as your ecotourism destination

  1. those who are lover of nature….its great to visit here…. as I wonder Belize have a lot of tourist spots and beautiful places to visit. Thanks for sharing this post

  2. Belize is fast growing into the premier eco-tourist destination in the world. With resorts like Chaa Creek the path has been laid for a bright future of co-existence with the beauty of Belize and the people living there.

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