A summer vacation idea grandparents will love

Whatever you call them, baby boomers, children of the sixties, post war generation or what have you, today’s grandparents seem to be a little bit more creative and adventurous than those of previous generations.

Not content with spending the usual summer holidays in the usual way, many grandparents are opting for new, more interesting ways to enjoy time with their loved ones over the summer, and here at Chaa Creek we’ve seen an interesting phenomenon – taking the grandkids on an exotic summer adventure vacation that will provide new experiences for them and create memories that they’ll always cherish.

And sometimes, they leave mum and dad at home to relax, work or just have their own quality time together while grandparents and kids share a tropical adventure in the lush rainforests of Belize.

What a great summer vacation idea! The younger and older generations find out that they aren’t that much different after all when each day is a new adventure of discovery and fun. Belize not only has a smorgasbord of great healthy outdoor activities to captivate people of all ages, but offers the time to relax and enjoy them… and each other as well.

It’s amazing what happens when you get away from the television, computers, X Boxes, PlayStations and other modern distractions and spend time together in nature. And when you can choose from hiking, swimming, canoeing down pristine rivers, horseback or mountain bike riding through gorgeous jungle trail, wandering through ancient Maya temples, going on guided nature walks, exploring sacred Maya caves filled with artefacts, altars and relics, or any number of activities, it’s a safe bet no one will be bored. There’s literally something for everyone on a Belize Summer family vacation, whether it’s pursuing your own interests or discovering things you’ve never thought of doing before.

Chaa Creek has always been a family affair since its inception as a small farm that our own kids grew up on. As we mature we realise how important families are, and nothing gives us and our staff greater pleasure than seeing families – from great-grandparents down to toddlers – enjoying themselves and getting to know each other that much better while sharing something special. Sometimes just sitting on a hill watching a beautiful sunset over the jungle can be one of life’s great moments.

Chaa Creek’s Summer of Love special vacation packages are designed to provide variety, adventure, relaxation over the summer vacation school holidays.

And there’s the space to do as much or as little as one would want on a Belizean summer family vacation. Our 365 acre private nature reserve is set in the midst of pristine rainforest bordered by the meandering Macal River and the foothills of the Maya Mountains. Within it are miles of well-maintained jungle trails, the fascinating Natural History Centre, Hilltop Butterfly Farm, scores of Maya archaeological sites and temples, a herd of horses to suit all levels of age and experience, mountain bikes, canoes, the pool and the large thatched roof restaurant and separate  jungle lounge. The lovely thatched roof cottage accommodation ensures a good night’s sleep after a day of adventure. There’s even a professional hilltop Spa for a bit of the extra pampering you’ve earned.

You share the rainforest with parrots, toucans, hummingbirds and over 300 other species of birds, along with monkeys, tapirs, peccaries, iguanas, jaguars and other exotic animals. Belize forests are home to over 145 species of mammals, and you are sure to meet a few of them. A trek along the medicinal plant trail opens up the world of Maya natural medicines and our naturalist guides are available to give you a special insight in to the jungle world and explain the fascinating lifecycle of huge Blue Morpho butterflies as they hatch before your eyes.

But most importantly, you share the rainforest with each other along with the joy of discovering new things and learning more about the natural world and other cultures. With 2012 approaching, a year of huge significance for the Maya people and the subject of some very odd theories and movies, why read about the ancient Maya when you can meet their descendants and explore their rich fascinating culture in the absolute Heartland of the Maya? Chaa Creek is only hours from the most significant ancient cities and temple sites such as Tikal and Caracol, and the beautiful temple of Xunantunich and royal palace of Cahal Pech are our neighbours.

A Belizean summer vacation also includes great weather. The huge living rainforest combined with fresh breezes from the Caribbean Sea keep temperatures at pleasant average highs of 86°F (30°C) to lows of 79°F (26°C). We also have unique rainforest to reef, surf and turf summer vacation packages that combine the rich rainforest experience with a Caribbean beach holiday.

And those with an appreciation of the value of Green, sustainable living will be happy to know that Chaa Creek has gained world- wide recognition as a model of responsible, Green tourism. Your stay will actually benefit and help preserve our precious environment, and the kids will see fist hand how sustainable practices don’t mean sacrificing luxury or fun.

So for those grandparents who still see life as an exciting, fun adventure and want to share it with their loved ones, a Chaa Creek Summer of Love all-inclusive summer vacation package may be just the thing.

And tell mum and dad not to worry – they’re welcome too.

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