Beauty of Belize

For the past month I’ve been trying to plan a one week vacation for my family with no avail, this would be our first vacation ever, so I wanted it to be special for everyone.  Just sitting by a pool is not appealing for the entire summer, I would love to get connected with nature, it must be a fun, exciting and educational.  But booking a trip where everyone benefits in the long run, where you have stimulation for your Mind, Body and Soul is hard.  Until I was told about Chaa Creek.

What was amazing to me was that everything I wanted us to see, feel, live and experience on my vacation was right there in front of me, the best way I could describe it is that it looked like it was all the “Beauty of Belize” in one place.

The activities: I’ve been wanting to go horseback riding, the Ancient  Maya Ruins is so fascinating but I haven’t had the chance to visit, canoeing and cave tubing my husband would love and I would love to try, I know my kids would love bird watching, nature walks and cycling.

The Nature Reserve: This would be a great learning environment for my kids.  For them to learn to care for all living things and the environment would be absolutely satisfying.

Accommodations:  The cabins and rooms, looks so luxuriously calming.

The Spa: For a day or so I would love to just relax and have all my care, worry and stress be stripped away by nature’s gentle touch as we become one again.

The Food: To dine out at a 5 star luxury restaurant where you’re treated like royalty and the very appearance of the food makes your mouth runs water? Yes sign me up for that.

All in all, I can only say one thing about staying at Chaa Creek, it would be a vacation to remember, the experience of bringing one self back to nature.

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1 thought on “Beauty of Belize

  1. Too true

    My family and I found a holiday at Chaa Creek to be the perfect blend of healthy activity and luxurious laziness. We had the same experience that everything was right there, easy and very friendly. Really can’t say enough about the place and the staff.

    We all, kids and adults, came away healthier, more relaxed and smarter for the experience. All in all a perfect vacation and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

    Expect to see us again next year…

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