Belize would be WONDERFUL

I spent a few months researching a trip to Belize, hoping to spend 2 ½ weeks there this summer, but due to unforeseen circumstances, lack of funds and schedules we won’t be able to vacation as many days this year.

That said, spending 8-9 nights in Belize would be WONDERFUL and winning a trip like this would make it feasible for me and my 14 year old daughter.  We try to leave a small footprint when we travel and be conscious of what we do and what we leave behind.

The facts that Chaa Creek not only understands the importance of eco-tourism, but lives, breathes and teaches it, is not easily found in the world of “eco-lodges” – a term that is over-used and under-defined in my opinion.

Chaa Creek is a true eco-lodge that doesn’t use the tag “eco” as a gimic…that’s just one thing that draws me to it.  There are many other reasons why I’d like to stay at Chaa Creek.  All of the on-site activities that will keep us interested for days including the medicinal trail, butterfly farm, horseback riding, hiking through the beautiful surroundings, the chance to learn more about eco-tourism and what it means up close and personal.

I’d be kidding myself if I didn’t include the swimming pool, delicious food and spa.  We have been to Costa Rica many times and LOVE the rainforest.  It’s about time we explore the wonders of Belize both inland and the Cayes.  We’re excited to visit ruins, explore the underwater caves, go tubing, lie on the beach, swim in the warm water, snorkel till our hearts are content and embrace all the different cultures there are in Belize.

It’s really too bad we’ll miss lobster season, because we could live on that every day, but I have a feeling if we are the lucky winners of this trip to Belize and Chaa Creek vacation package that we’ll be planning a trip back before our return flight even hits the ground.  We’ll keep our fingers crossed the day of the drawing and we’ll be forever grateful should we be the recipients of this generous gift.

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