How can children benefit from an ecotourism experience?

By Stephanie Ruiz

I would like to be an eco kid to reduce the effects of deforestation. It would not be bad for every tree that is cut down by human beings if another young one is planted to replace it. By doing this we are creating a brand new forest for our future generation to enjoy. I personally do not like deforestation because I believe that we need the trees in order to survive. It is also important because the trees are what purify the air that we breathe and wouldn’t it be good for us to grow all the things that we eat organically.

A couple years ago my father was diagnosed with Lupus, I saw how he was living by taking so much medication daily and from a strict diet and that has inspired me to someday be a herbalist and our forests are very important for me to achieve this. In order to do this, one must go into the forest and collect samples of different vegetation that are out there and bring them back to the lab for future studies. Someday I plan to play a big part in finding the cure for diseases that are affecting our society like HIV, cancer, lupus and other diseases that don’t yet have a cure.

Another thing we need to do is to find other energy sources like energy from the sun and the wind. Power created by steam turbines and generators only release toxic and harmful gases into our atmosphere and creates pollution in our environment. Pollution is a big crisis we are living with today because it not only is destroying the atmosphere but it is affecting our way of living for some people have gotten ill and died from this. It would be good if everyone would collect rain water for domestic uses such as washing dishes, bathing and drinking.

I would like to be an eco kid because I would like to see our trees being grown back thereby creating a cleaner environment for our future generation and for us today.

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1 thought on “How can children benefit from an ecotourism experience?”

  1. This was such a heart warming read, and it’s wonderful to know that there are switched-on, aware kids like Stephanie out there. Gives me hope for the future…
    And kudos to Chaa Creek for bringing our young people into some of your many environmental activities. If only more resorts and businesses operated with the sort of environmental awareness and ethos you display, it would certainly be a better world.
    So, once again, hats off, and please keep up the good work!


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