A Summer Program that Will Enrich Your Child’s Life

My name is Jasmin Ford and I am 11 years old.I am in sixith grade or standard four.I live in Central Farm in the Cayo district.

Last summer I had so much fun and many of my favorite memories were formed.I would love to go again to make new memories and new friends.When I try to tell my friends about it, words flow out of my mouth before I can stop them and I get so carried away.I under stand if i dont win and some one else takes my place to also have the once in a life time chance.

The main reason I want to go is to learn more about ways to help Belize Im always open to new ways to help.I have thought of many ways to help Belize and would like maybe to talk or have a presentation on it even if I dont go maybe I can go when they have maybe some free time.if I have sent it to late I am sorry and understand. Someother reasons why are to learn more about the Maya and their culture.It would also be nice to see Maya ruins and some of their landscape.I just love to have new adventures.

It is also a very exciting experience to sleep in a cabin with other kids your age and to take turns in showers.Im also looking forward to hearing about the three Rs Reduce,Reuse,and Recycle again if I get to go again.I also want to go becuase it is the only other summer camps I know of and it would be my second time to ever go to a summer camp.Any time I iook at last years picture my mind floods with memories and I remember all the other eco-campers from last year.I hope I get to go again and hope my essay is not to late.

Photo credit: http://kuwaittoddlermom.wordpress.com
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