Ann Roellke – A Nature & Animal Lover

My wife’s name is Ann Roellke she has been a nurse on cape cod for the past 15 years and is a caring and giving person. She is also a nature and animal lover . Her job is extremely demanding and stress-full . After her 4 twelve hour shifts , in her most exhausted moments  I look at this giving individual in awe of her stamina and her ability to give and give. I often search and wonder what could be the perfect venue for respite for the giver that she is . Then one day she came upon your website and she was deeply moved by your resort and the Eco friendly environment you provide. She has always been a “nature  child” and takes great comfort and peace when surrounded by natures beauty. It truly “recharges” her and enables her to continue her selfless gift of giving….. 

She wrote the following and I felt it should be considered as an entry in your contest.

Belize…Belize… Follow that tropical breeze
To nature so bountiful you’ll fall to your knees

Open your senses to unique delights

As the jungle sings well into the night

Sit in your chair, enjoy food from the earth

Within you a sense of total rebirth

Zip-Line the jungle or swim in the sea

Learn Mayan culture, its rich history

Go ride a horse or explore a plant trail

Tube through a cave with a shout and wail!

Relax into us and enjoy your own Earth

Chaa Creek protects it , we know what its worth

And when you go home with a light in your eyes

Be confident you’ve strenghtend your family ties

Belize… Belize… ollow that tropical breeze to paradise on Earth , come see and believe……

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