Environmental Change and its Threats to Mankind

The earth is undergoing through many environmental changes. This is threatening our very livelihood including flora and fauna. The environmental situation in some countries may be so bad and already too late to mend. Not so in Belize. However, if we are to save our environment, the children need to be educated so we can learn to take care of our precious jewel. 

As a person who enjoys the outdoors, I am hoping that my generation and generations to come will take care of our eco-system. I would like to be an eco-kid to protect and serve nature and all the abundant magnificence and beauty it holds. Our heavenly Father gave us this jewel to take care of so we need to do our share in safeguarding it. I can then teach the younger generations on conservation of our ecosystem as our very lives depend on it. The flora and fauna is too precious and valuable to destroy due to our ignorance. For example, plants need us just as we need them. They give us the oxygen and we provide them with the carbon dioxide they need. Being able to breathe fresh, clean air and eat our very own fresh produce are quite health benefits for all of us.

I would like to cheer, thank and congratulate all at Chaa Creek in safeguarding that little piece of our jewel for all human beings to enjoy, love and nurture. It is fun, educational, beneficial and fantastic. It is an outstanding place and a serious knockout. All thanks to Jehovah, the true one and only God. I have heard about so many nature lodges but none can compare to Chaa Creek. I am hoping to be one of the lucky kids participating at the Chaa Creek’s eco kids camp this summer. God bless Chaa Creek.

Photo credit: http://www.alternativechannel.org

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