I Love Nature

I would most love to come and stay at your camp! I hope I will be accepted. My name is Maya, which is sort of funny because I am not mayan, but all my best friends are mayan. I want to come to your camp to see how it is different from here. Here is Lubaantun in Toledo! I want to explore the jungle with you because you know lots about it. Also I would love to ride your horses one day.
I want to be an eco kid because I want to help nature. I have just been planting with my Mummy, lots of different things for us to eat and I would love to find out more things you can eat in the jungle. I love wild banana and jippy jappa. I love to come to different parts of the jungle and explore and see the animals and rivers and birds. At home all the birds are different colours, some are red, blue, green, yellow, orange and brown! I love to come back from school and see wild ducks on the road and that’s why I want to come to your place, because then I can teach other kids not to destroy the things they already have and to appreciate it.
I hate going to our village rubbish dump, it is an eyesore! No one cares, no one recycles, everything is just everywhere and nothing grows on it. The rubbish doesn’t let the beauty around it grow. If you don’t use electricity I would like to know how your place works because we don’t have any. We have solar power but only 1 lightbulb! But I think candles are much prettier than lightbulbs.
If I get to go to your camp I bet you I will love it! Bye!
Maya Atkinson, age 8, Toledo
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