Let Nature Touch Your Soul

Although I love to travel, I often feel guilty of the negative effects flying to an exotic location has on my carbon footprint. One great way to offset this is to stay at an eco-friendly resort once you arrive at your vacation destination. I admire the fact that Chaa Creek has won multiple Green and Eco-Friendly awards. I also love that Chaa Creek focuses on sustainable tourism and employs local Belizeans to sustainably support the local community. I appreciate the fact Chaa Creek holds programs for schools and universities to educate the future generation on environmental conservation. I also admire that Chaa Creek initiates and supports local fauna and flora conservation projects. Otherwise, we can lose many precious species due to lack of care and protection. Chaa Creek even provides guests with Go Green activities on how guests can become involved with supporting the environment!

Coming from New York City where I see mostly man-made waste, construction, and noise pollution, I long to vacation in a natural, relaxing setting. Chaa Creek provides an exciting experience in an unspoiled environment  that I would love to getaway in! I can just picture myself relaxing in one of the beautifully decorated rooms surrounded by the natural sounds of the jungle, rather than loud city sounds of car sirens and the commotion of the city. I love that Chaa Creek offers so many ways to encounter the organic beauty of Belize, through bird-watching tours, exploring archaeological ruins, relaxing in a spa in the middle of the jungle, or even just relaxing and listening to the peacefulness and tranquility of the Macal River.

By staying at a beautiful eco-friendly hotel such as Chaa Creek, I know I will be doing my best to decrease my negative impact on the environment. Hotels with the future environment’s interests at heart are definitely places I would love to visit and support.

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