Man in the Realm of Nature

By Jose Valencia

Despite all that man has achieved – electricity, air and space travel,  advanced computers and open-heart surgery among other things – and while our human intellect has soared to unimaginable heights, we have sadly neglected and dismissed the very source which nurtures our precious lives. Notwithstanding, nature like a loving and forgiving mother, continues to provide despite our many transgressions.  As humankind irreverently pollutes this precious but delicate environment, our planet struggles to survive an increasingly destructive war we have foolishly waged on our very life support system.

Our only hope is to collectively come to the realization that we must cease our destructive ways and begin to repair and care for our planet.  Eco tourism lies at the very center  – of what I would hope will become a widespread and goodhearted revolution – whose purpose will be the healing of our planet, while hopefully compelling humankind to learn to care for each other in the process.

Eco tourism is a simple and effective instrument, which can serve to educate us to become more aware of our surroundings, raising our level of consciousness to the point of reestablishing the harmony with nature that our forefathers once knew.  Learning to enjoy and respect our environment through places such as Lodge at Chaa Creek Belize can only benefit our planet, thus giving our precious mother nature the unimpeded ability to carry out its noble purpose, which is to nurture all living things.

Lodge at Chaa Creek Belize, with its proximity to the U.S., provides a wonderful opportunity to immerse oneself and be seduced by nature in its full splendor.  Lodge at Chaa Creek’s s approach to educating in a non-menacing way as to gain greater appreciation and understanding of our surroundings, inspires me to want to read, learn and experience nature in a more uninhibited manner.  The more I inform and prepare myself,  the more likely it will result in a safer, richer and unforgettable encounter with nature at the Lodge at Chaa Creek Belize..

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