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My name is Clifford Richard Coc, 12 years old; I live in the beautiful village of Maya Mopan in the Stann Creek District.  I am attending Maya Mopan Primary School, presently a Standard VI student. I became so excited about the Eco Kid summer camp when I read about it in the Amandala Newspaper. For that reason I am expressing my interest for this summer camp.

I have always like nature and its beauty and the many things that it has to offer for us. Yet people often times ignore or at times abuse it.  Presently, I am so fortunate to be listed under the birding program which the Audubon Society is offering. I love birding, and I am sure that if I would be accepted for this summer camp I would learn more species, simply because I participate only one time for the month at the Cockscomb National Park.

I must also say that I am of Mayan decent; however, I am sure that I know little of my ancestors especially when it comes to the teaching of the universe, which also interest scientist. Another key interest is the natural healing tradition using herbal medicines. This really makes me more appreciative of who I am and also encourages me not to be dependent of enhance drugs which have multiple side effects.

Arts has always been my interest, many times I would pick up scraps of material and reuse it for painting or do art work that can be used by others and at times  it just makes me feel happy to reuse used materials.  This has also improved my skills in drawing and painting at the same time support the recycling process.

I only wish that I could be considered and I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to learn more on nature, but at the same time it would allow me to know my country and meet others of different culture.

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