Nature is Awesome

By Magie Gray

I want to be an ECO kid because I think nature is awesome.  In my back yard I have a little compost pot were I put organic trash.  In my front yard I have an organic garden. It‘s organic because I do not use any chemicals.  My Mom and I planted some cucumbers and spinach.  A few weeks later, we noticed the cucumbers were covered in aphids.  After a couple of days the cucumbers were dead.

A hibiscus hedge in my yard was covered in aphids, and so was a little plant my screen room.  About a day after that I started to see ladybugs on the hibiscus hedge. There were plain red ones, black ones with two red spots and tiny black ones with two peach spots. Since the ladybugs were eating the aphids on the hibiscus, I moved some of them to the plant in my screen room.  The ladybugs are still alive in my screen room today!  I really want to learn more about organic farming.

The other day I was in my mango tree and saw a humming bird.  I called it over with some chirping noises.  It sat in a branch about ten feet away looking at me and stuck out its long twirly tongue, then it flew away.  I really want to go bird watching.

I know the three R’s and I practice the three R’s.  I recycle organic trash by putting it in my compost pot.  I reduce milk cartons by crushing them before I put them in the garbage.  I reuse dogs.  I have two dogs that used to be strays, one is named Nella and the other is Sushi. They are great watchdogs and are fun to play with.

I want to be an ECO kid so I can learn more about saving the earth.  I think the Eco kids camp would be an awesome experience.

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