Ocelots – Defenders of Wildlife

Oliver the Ocelot was taken from his Belize jungle home by a profiteering collector who sold him to a sideshow in America. Ollie was now a sad dwarf leopard and wanted to go home.

Little Jenny saw him when the carnival came to town and could tell he didnt like being in his cage and promised to help him any way she could, even though she was just a little girl. That night Ollie escaped from during feeding time and followed Jenny home. Jenny found him hiding under her bed.

Jenny used the internet to find someone who knew about Ocelots. The children at St. Andrews Elementary were eager to help because they understand that animals need to be in their proper environments to live a long happy life.

Jenny learned a lot from the children about how communities need their local wildlife to ensure the sustainability of not only animal populations and healthy ecosystems, but also the economies of the people who depend on tourists to visit the area and help local businesses prosper, when otherwise they would have a very difficult time doing so.

So Jenny put Ollie on a train and sent him to Belize with allowance money she had been saving for a new dress (this was much more important). She cried as she waved goodbye, but Ollie she knew, was happy.

Some day Jenny wants to visit Chaa Creek not only to see Ollie, but to experience his stunningly beautiful rainforest world where nature is cherished and kept safe by responsible caretakers so everyone from insect to human can benefit, enjoy, and co-exist together. To little Jenny, Chaa Creek sounds like heaven, and for Ollie Ocelot and his jungle friends it really is. As long as humans committed to conservationism, it always will be Heaven.

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