Protect Nature Because We All Need Healthy Rivers • People • Water • Life

My name is T.J. Pronk.

I live in Hopkins and I am 11 years old. I like to be in the river and ocean.

I like to see the lobsters and fishes in clean water. I also like the mountains and the rivers. The water that goes from the mountains in the creeks and rivers should be nice and clean. All the animals have to drink that water! The river water that goes in the ocean should be clean so the ocean stays clean.

That is why I want to be an ECO kid and try to protect nature. There are people that like to throw a lot of garbage all around and all of that comes in the water and kills a lot of animals.

I do think we should protect our environment and teach the people to recycle a lot of things. We can make good use from good garbage. Natural compost can be made; this is the best compost in the world. Cans you can squeeze and put them in the concrete foundation. Glass can be broken and put in foundation to. People take plants and trees out of the forest, but at least the can replace them.

It is not safe if people burn plastic, it is not good for your health.

I think they should stop oil drilling, I think that is why we get earthquakes. This happens when you take something out of the ground and don’t replace it. So the layers of earth collide together and make and earthquake and kill a lot of things.

I think we should protect our world so when I grow up and have kids they will have fresh air, clean water. So human beings and animals live in a nice and clean good world.

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