Summer Adventure in Belize

My name is Zephyr Inga Jade Nesbitt and I attend Barranco St. Joseph RC School.  I am eight years old.  I like plants and animals and  I think going to a summer camp is fun.  I have only been to one summer camp in my entire life.  It was exciting, and I think this one will be much fun.  And everything I do, see, or want to do I imagine will be in your summer camp.  That’s why I want to be an eco kid. I’ve always wanted to ride a horse, I’ve always wanted to meet new people and have new friends.  I think that what you’re going to be having at your summer camp will be the best things I do in my entire life.

Lately I’ve been having lots of fun.  My mom brings us to a river named Moho.  I swimmed across the river. When my sister Esperanza and I were standing up, a river otter just bit me.  I got really frightened and started running to the log that was nearby.  I was really frightened, at first it just felt like a nip, but then it started to hurt more, and then lots of blood started pouring.  I was too frightened to get back in the water, so they had to come and get me in a boat.  I had never heard of river otters biting people.  After I got the bite my mom decided it was time to leave.  We drove home and my sister fell asleep.

I have a sore because I am allergic to some plant that my mom’s best friend has in her garden.  The sores are going away.  I got the sore because I was weeding her garden.

One day my mom had sent me to the shop to buy ideals and one shop didn’t have so I went to the other shop, and I heard something squeaking, like, ‘ch,ch,ch’.  My sister likes animals so I grabbed the animal that was saying ‘ch,ch’ and I carried it home and asked my mom what it was, she said a possum.  A very cute possom with pink ears.  We kept it and trained it to climb up the bunk bed and down the bunk bed and answer to his name.  When we came home, he would make noise. One day he left.

Summer camp sounds fun.  I hope I am one of the girls who get to go.

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