The Beauty of the Belize Jungle

My name is Alex and I live in the jungle by the ancient , magical city of Lubaantun with my two sisters, Maya and Tati and three dogs, four cats, a goat, a sheep, local hens and all the wild life that lives close by. I love living in the jungle as it is always so full of life. Nature is showing off! Everywhere you look there are beautiful things to see in all the colours you can imagine: Rainbows and butterflies, Toucans and Tarantulas, huge cohune trees waving in the wind and tiny buzzing mayan bees making delicious honey – they don’t even bite!

There are animals and insects in all shapes and sizes, looking for food, crawling, flying, hunting and being hunted…Much better than any cinema! I have a cohune tree to thank for my thatch roof on my house, four rosewood posts to keep the house from falling, Iguana wiss keeps the sticks strapped together forever! Dry season is finally over and some rain has finally come! The jungle smells damp and is coming back to life. I have been planting seeds, flowers and trees, getting dirty in the mud!
It’s mango season again and avocadoes are coming soon – yipee! The animals are happy not to be thirsty and can finally bathe after months of no rain. I really want to be an eco-kid as it is the only way to live in a friendly way with nature. When I see plastic in the jungle and bottles and dead fish in the river it makes me sad. I want to come to Chaa creek to learn more about growing medicinal plants, preserving our amazing jungle, not for me but for future generations. I hope you will accept me!

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