What impact will your travel have on the environment you visit?

As all parents can attest to; traveling with children requires planning and forethought. Snacks for the road, clothes for every possible weather, potty needs, and how to fit everything into one backpack are just the tip of the iceberg. In today’s world one of the most important considerations for travel is how can we teach our children to be responsible world citizens. Our children learn through imitation: what we do, they do. So how do we as parents get involved and make a difference in our world? Choosing to travel not as a tourist but as an  eco-touristis a good first step to take.

Here are some things to consider when planning your trip:

  • What impact will your travel have on the environment you visit?
  • What will your money be supporting?
  • Choose a place that is proactively improving their ecosystem and/or the world’s ecosystem.
  • Find out in advance if you and your children will have an opportunity to lend a helping hand either in the community or environmentally.
  • First hand experiences with animals in their natural habitat always leaves a lasting impression.
  • Be adventurous  allow yourself to truly have a cultural experience, eat the food, live as the people do as much as possible, learn about the ancient peoples of the land you are visiting.

Today with the growing awareness of our impact on the earth many places are changing their ways to be more eco-friendly. The more we support eco-friendly businesses the more we effect the way business is done through-out the world. Be Bold: be a champion for the environment, learn first-hand about the diverse plants and animals of our planet, help keep the knowledge of the ancient peoples alive. If you do it then your children will too and the earth will thank you.

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