Central America Agouti found at Chaa Creek Belize

Belize Photo of the Day: Central American Agouti

Central America Agouti found at Chaa Creek Belize

Today’s picture of the day is that of the Central American Agouti and its scientific name is Dasyprocta Punctata.  The Central American Agouti prefers tropical habitats such as Belize and is widespread in Mesoamerica and South America. The one in this picture blends in harmoniously as a local resident of Chaa Creek’s 365 acre private nature reserve and it is very much at home inside cavities of fallen rotted trees!  It can often be seen feeding on fruits and nuts and will occasionally also eat vegetables. This specie can be seen out both during the day as well as during the night time.

Submitted by Naturalist Guide: Allan Chan

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