Belize Photo of the Day: Red-eyed Tree Frog

Red-eyed tree frog at Chaa Creek, Belize

Today’s picture of the day is the Red-eyed tree frog and its scientific name is Agalychnis callidryas. The specific name, callidryas, is from Greek calli, a prefix meaning “beauty,” and dryas, refers to a deity or nymph of the woods.

Red-eyed tree frogs are natives of Neotropical rainforests such as Belize and males can often be heard at Chaa Creek’s nature reserve signaling their presence. The call of the male is usually a single note “cluck” or “chock” uttered at spaced intervals.

These frogs can be found ubiquitously during the rainy season around pools and water-filled ditches, where they are within or near-by. They are nocturnal and search for insects among leaves and branches of the forest trees.

Submitted by Naturalist Guide: David Juarez

2 thoughts on “Belize Photo of the Day: Red-eyed Tree Frog”

  1. Very nice picture your rainforest must be rich with alot of amazing wild life. I love the tree frog one of my favorite of all the frogs.


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