Eco Solutions for Belize: REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE!

Solid waste management at Chaa Creek

THURSDAY July 28, 2011 – Solid Waste Management was the theme for the day and Chaa Creek’s Senior Naturalist Guide Brion Young decided to base the topic around the importance of the three R’s: REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE!

Brion showcased Chaa Creek’s model of low impact on the environment and tried to let the Eco Kids see how easily it could be to adapt similar projects at their homes.

eco kids learning about recycling at chaa creek
Brion discussing Chaa Creek's green initiative with H2O

First off was REDUCE! Plastic is really harmful to the environment and getting rid of it is very difficult. Brion elaborated on how Chaa Creek generated their own water filtration and purification system so that guests and employees would reduce the amount of plastic bottles that were used on the property.  “By providing guests with water bottle containers and refilling stations all around the property, the use of plastic bottles was eliminated,” said Brion. Chaa Creek also promotes the conservation of energy, guests are asked to turn off things when they are not in use.

compost piles at chaa creek
Compost piles at Chaa Creek

The second R is REUSE!  Chaa Creek promotes reuse by not disposing of food scraps and using it for composts which will later nourish the Maya Organic Farm and produce delicious fruits and vegetables. Guests are also asked to participate by reusing their towels as much as they can, less washing equals less water wasted.

Brion discussing on-site bottle recycling
Brion discussing on-site glass bottle recycling

RECYCLE! Chaa Creek uses recycled paper for many of its products and reduces the printing paper usage by printing on both sides. Old papers are also used for packaging and cardboard boxes are put in between the plants at the Maya Farm. Brion also discussed recycling methods that Chaa Creek has been using from its inception. For example, all the cans and glass that are used by the lodge are crushed to be used when pouring concrete for pathways and buildings.

The most important lesson for the day is that taking care of the environment can be done with simple steps – the eco kids learned that practicing the three R’s can be easier than they thought.


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