Guidelines to protect Belize's Wildlife

Guidelines to Protect Belize’s Wildlife

Guidelines to protect Belize's Wildlife

SATURDAY July 30, 2011 – Wildlife includes all non-domesticated plants and animals, and fortunately for Belizeans, in Belize we are surrounded by nature.  Today the Eco Kids learned about how important wildlife is and why they need to protect it.

With tourism growing around the world, communities are now realizing that they need their local wildlife not only for healthy ecosystems but because it provides great economic benefits.  In Belize for example, wildlife conservation awareness has been increasing and Ecotourism has been introduced as one of the better alternatives than depleting the natural resources.

The children were educated on the following basic guidelines:

Encourage Conservation

Nature is so beautiful and if we want it to stay, we must not damage it.

Discourage deforestation.

Trees provide a habitat for many wildlife creatures and if it’s cut down, the animals can either lose their source of food or become easy preys to other animals.  Also, most importantly, trees are very important because they provide oxygen for us.

We should discourage over hunting

Mass harvesting of animals such as the river turtle have now made the specie reach close to extinction.  The Agouti, known as the wild rabbit and Green Iguana have recently been protected to avoid becoming endangered.

Report and discourage the selling endangered pets

Birds and animals such as the Macaws, Yellow-Head parrots and monkeys belong in the wild but many collectors use them as pets. Avoid condoning this practice.

Report and discourage the selling of endangered items

Plants such as Xate is being illegally harvested in the forests and Jaguars are sometimes hunted for their prized fur and tooth.  If people deplete the demand, people will stop selling them.


The most important lesson of the day is that if we don’t protect the wildlife, ecosystems that sustain us are at peril of ultimately failing.  Let us all take care of the environment!


If you have any other guidelines that could be followed to protect Belize’s Wildlife, don’t hesitate to mention it below.

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