How to Keep Up With Your Online Degree While Traveling and Touring in Belize

Traveling from the US to places such as Belize, can cause changes in everything a person normally does, including changing sleep patterns, slowing down blood circulation, and hindering the daily responsibilities of a online school student. Regardless of the changes, you have to fit your responsibilities into your traveling somehow.

Plan Ahead of Traveling
One pointer for travelers who know that they are going to be gone is to log into the class and go ahead and complete the assignments early. You should let your professor know that you are going to be on the road, but often you will still be held to the same standards as everyone else, so you must prepare to sacrifice to keep up. If you do the assignments early, you can go back and post responses to other students later after you land and get settled.

Fight That Jet Lag!
It is very easy to let Jet Lag throw you off track, but don’t let it stop you from fulfilling your scholastic obligations! You can do both. In fact, the beauty of studying online is the fact that you can go anywhere in the country, or even outside of the country, and still attend. While a brick and mortar building gives a campus experience, it also tends to be limiting and can hinder travel opportunities.
Designate Undisturbed Study Time In Your Hotel Room…
If you are touring, it is probably hard to designate time for studying, but it can be done. If you are sharing a hotel room with your spouse, family member or friends, let them know that you need and hour or two alone. This may mean that you may have to miss a few attractions; or, you can go and plan to stay up all night to get the studying done. Sometimes it might be best if you schedule your work for the early morning, before you get together with the tour group.
Don’t Forget Your Classmates Will Be Inspired By Your Experience
You may not think that it matters, but when you post a little of your travel experiences, it really encourages others! Some online classes require that you post your response and then reply to two classmates as well. There are creative ways you can enrich their lives by posting differences you have recognized in your new surroundings and things you appreciate in the country you are currently visiting. One man posted about traveling to China, and even the professor was enchanted. The beauty of individuality is that we never stop learning things from each other.
Keep a Blog or Online Journal and Invite Your Classmates
Why? They will be your personal cheering section, and will encourage you to complete your studies. If you are willing to Skype with them or text, you may get calls about assignments that are due as a reminder from them. They will bond with you and give you the encouragement you need to finish it. Their positive energy toward you is just the medicine you will need to keep going.
Have Fun on Your Trip, but Remember that Degrees Last Forever
Sometimes life can take us off the beaten path a bit and we fall so behind in school that we decide to withdraw. Don’t do it, because soon you may end up putting it all on the back burner. You can do both. Hang in there!

Photo credit: heystudents dot com
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