The Belizean birthday bash bargains and diaspora deals

It’s no secret that people from Belize love a good party. Whether home or abroad and from all walks of life, if there’s something to celebrate, Belizeans are known to jump up with enthusiasm.

Birthdays are always a good time for a party, and this year we’ll be celebrating two big ones when a free, independent Belize and The Lodge at Chaa Creek both turn 30, setting the scene for a festive time no Belizean, no matter how far away, would want to miss.

We’re making sure our own family will be around, and we’re making it easier for Belizeans living abroad to spend quality time here as well with some very special deals for the diaspora of Belize.

It seems like only yesterday that we welcomed our first paying guests to our little hand built, stick and thatch huts we rather ambitiously called “Chaa Creek Cottages”.

Still working the farm and raising our first child with the second soon on the way and dealing with all the things that pop up during the first few weeks in business, we still couldn’t help but take the time out to join in the biggest celebration Belize ever saw – Independence Day 1981!

From the Cayes to Cayo it was a celebration like no other, and the sheer joy, pride and exuberance was something that all Belizeans will remember forever. And for us, opening Chaa Creek went hand in hand with the national celebrations. Not only was it in the same month, there were many of the same emotions – excitement, joy, satisfaction in the accomplishment mixed with a bit of apprehension about what the future may bring.

And here we all are, thirty years later!

Yes, as September 1981 was such a huge month we think its 30th anniversary deserves a huge celebration  – and we think that all Belizeans, and especially those living away from Belize should take part, so we’re enticing Belizeans living abroad with some great deals not only in September, but throughout the rest of the year.

If you’re a Belizean living overseas and thinking of coming back to Belize for any reason in the near future, now is the time, as our great Welcome back home to Chaa Creek special vacation package deals make it easier and more affordable to treat your family, friends and yourself to a little rainforest luxury while you re-familiarise yourself with home.

Whether it’s to visit family, attend to business or other matters, check out retirement or investment possibilities, or just have a great vacation, we’ll look after you like an old family friend returning back home. And we’ll also help to make your visit relaxed, efficient and hassle free. With our transport, communications and Belize-wide network of friends and colleagues, we can help you get the things you need done so that you have time to relax and enjoy yourself while taking in all the things that make Belize so very special.

Even though you’re in the middle of a pristine rainforest, we can get you to Belmopan in the morning, have you back for a swim before lunch and you can spend the afternoon lazily canoeing down the Macal River, visiting a Maya temple, having a luxurious, professional massage in the Hilltop Spa, catching up with old friends in our rainforest lounge or just kicking back in a hammock. Homecoming should be fun and relaxing.

With our rainforest to reef packages, the sparkling Caribbean Sea, Belize Barrier Reef and the cayes are just a short, comfortable hop away.

And coming home should be affordable. We designed our all-inclusive Belize vacation packages to give guests real value for money. After thirty years in the business and with a network of friends and colleagues throughout the country, we’ve worked out how to do things as efficiently and inexpensively as possible, and we pass those savings onto you. Then, add in our diaspora deal discounts, and you’ll realise you can have a more luxurious, activity filled vacation for not much than basic accommodation somewhere else. Check it out for yourself.

And if you can’t make September, our Welcome Back Belizean specials run right though the year, so overseas Belizeans  can take advantage of these great diaspora deals for the Christmas and New Years’ Holidays as well, or maybe that special Auntie’s birthday, a school graduation or whatever moves you to come home, whether for a short visit or longer stay.

So if absence is making your heart grow fonder and you want to come back to a festive Jewel, check out Chaa Creek’s Welcome Home Belizean diaspora deals. You may just find out that this is one party you cannot afford to miss.

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  1. Those guys know how to party. Birthday or every other, occasion my Belizean neighbor brings great time for everybody. After reading your post I am even more tempted to visit Belize myself.

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