Why caring for the environment is important?

I want to be an eco-kid to help my environment and to appreciate and feel proud that I am also a part of the natural world. We are living things which depend on the natural resources of the planet for our lives- the air, the water, the soil, and the plants and animals. We cannot survive as individuals or as a specie if we destroy our diverse environment. It is foolish to behave as though our actions have no consequences. Some of the things we do are beneficial to the environment. Others are neutral-they do no harm or good.

The danger to the environment comes from those who damage the natural world.  People from all around the world should care for the environment because at the end of the day, if the South or North Pole is melting it will not only affect one country but all countries.

Since polluted air does not have any border, the factories in your neighboring countries can severely affect your pristine rainforest by releasing compounds like sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides – two chemical compounds that are widely known to create acidic rain.

The nuclear power station at Chernobyl in the Ukraine for example, exploded in 1986 releasing large amounts of toxic and radioactive materials into the air. Swedish scientists detected this dangerous pollution in the air since it was brought by the wind from Ukraine which is many kilometers away. Soil, water and air became devastated with this radioactive material and many crops and animals in several countries had to be destroyed because they were too dangerous to eat. Thousands of people had to be moved from their homes because the environment around the power station was no longer safe to live.

If we, people from the Earth do not care for our environment, we will destroy our planet as well as our species.

Name: Sayed Perez

School: St. Francis Xavier School( Corozal, Belize)

Photo credit: http://www.brain-scape.com/
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