Beat the Summertime Blues – Book Belize Vacations before September 2011

“There ain’t no cure for the Summertime Blues,” may be a cool song lyric, but it’s not necessarily true – not if you take advantage of some great, refreshing summer discounts on Belize vacation packages now being offered by the Lodge at Chaa Creek.

However, you’ll need to act quickly and take advantage of the significant savings before September 30 2011, according to Chaa Creek marketing advisor Larry Waight, who also pointed out that Belize is surprisingly pleasant during summer months.

“Many people don’t think about heading south for the summer, but it’s actually one of the best times to be in Belize, and if you consider the savings on offer right now, it may be the best time to explore our little Caribbean rainforest paradise,” he said.

“We’ve had great response from this year’s summer discounts, especially when people add things up at the end of their holiday and realise just how much they saved on a great Belize vacation. But all good things must come to an end, and our summer specials will do that next month,” he added.

By taking advantage of the summer savings, travellers can save 20% off the price of beautiful thatched cottage accommodations between 11 August and 30 September 2011, or enjoy a 10% discount off selected all-inclusive Belize vacation packages.

And guests booking four nights between now and December 15th 2011 will receive a fifth night in the gorgeous Belize Heartland of the Maya rainforest setting absolutely free.

Chaa Creek has been offering unique Belize inland and Belize Barrier Reef packages for 30 years and has gained a worldwide reputation for combining sustainable adventure with casual luxury. But what many people don’t realise, Mr Waight said, is that summer months are a perfect time for a holiday in Belize.

“Summer in Belize is a great time to explore or just chill out. Temperatures are fairly consistent all year round at about 81°F, and with the cool Caribbean Sea breezes and huge tracts of rainforest, it’s actually cooler and more pleasant at times here than up North,” he said, “There’s also less people in summer, so you can have Maya temples and sandy beaches almost all to yourselves some days.”

Mr Waight said discounted all inclusive Belize vacation packages include the famous Chaa Creek Inland Expedition, Family Adventure and, coming on the heels of Reese Witherspoon’s famous  Belizean honeymoon, the breathtakingly romantic  Belize Honeymoon Vacation package.

Set in the midst of a stunning 365 acre private rainforest reserve dotted with Maya temples and over 70 archaeological sites, the Lodge at Chaa Creek features exquisite dining, a pool, lounge, Hilltop Spa, butterfly farm, Natural History Centre and other amenities as well as miles of beautiful jungle trails for horseback, mountain biking and hiking as well as guided nature walks, birding and guided or unguided canoe trips down the pristine Macal River at the foothills of the Maya Mountains.

“If you’ve ever thought about having a Belize vacation, I’d seriously consider summertime in Belize. You’ll be as surprised with the savings as you will with how pleasant and refreshing summertime in Belize is,” Mr Waight said.

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