gray fox at chaa creek, belize

Belize Photo of the Day: Gray Fox

gray fox at chaa creek, belize

Today’s picture of the day is the Gray Fox, scientifically known as Urocyon cinereoargenteus. This mammal which is in the dog family ( Canidae), establishes scent areas, where the animal uses its urine and faeces to mark objects. They communicate by using loud-pitched barks.

The gray fox does not weigh more than 12 pounds and lives in savanna and shrubs forested areas from Canada throughout Central America and into Northern South America. They have a small home range of about one half mile squared, this particular one most of the time resides around the Macal River Camp area at Chaa Creek.

Fun fact of the day:

Many people think that gray foxes only feed on meat, but fruit and nuts make up the better part of their diet, however, they also eat plant materials and insects.

Submitted by Naturalist Guide: David Juarez

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