Belize Photo of the Day: Maya Farm Goats

goats in cayo belize - maya farm at chaa creek ecolodgeToday’s picture of the day is the domestic Goat and its scientific name is Capra aegagrus hircu. This photo creates a special occasion since we are excited to introduce the arrival of our newest members of the Maya Farm family.  Two male kids – Sylvano and Nieve(snow in Spanish), both born to their mother Cus Cus.

Mick Fleming: To give a little history here, the goats at Chaa Creek’s Maya Farm were originally bought from friends Collette, Sylvano and Nina who have a farm at Calla Creek village, Cayo. The picture above is of Sylvano and his sister Nina visiting the Maya Farm yesterday to have a look at the new arrivals and to offer suggestions as to the pertinent husbandry applicable for the new kids.

Fun fact of the day:

Female goats are referred to as Nannies and their babies are called kids.


If you would like to meet Sylvano and Nieve, please request a tour of the Maya Organic Farm when you visit Chaa Creek.

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