Father of the Nation, Rt. Hon. George Cadle Price passed away

Father of the Nation, Rt. Hon. George Cadle Price passed away early this morning.

On Behalf of the Staff and Management of The Lodge at Chaa Creek we extend our deepest sympathy to the family and nation of Belize.

May he rest in peace.

Here is a short biography on Mr. Price:

The Right Honourable George Cadle Price (born January 15, 1919) was the first Prime Minister of Belize and is considered one of the principal architects of the country’s independence, and is referred to by many as the Father of the Nation. Born in Belize City to William and Irene Price née Escalante, he entered politics in 1947 with his election to the Belize City Council. Three years later, on September 29, 1950, he co-founded the People’s United Party, which he led for four decades and which was devoted to the political and economic independence of the British colony, then known as British Honduras.


Statement by Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow on the passing of Rt. Hon. George Price.


BELIZE CITY, September 19, 2011, CMC – Prime Minister Dean Barrow has declared a period of mourning starting today, Monday September 19 and continuing through to Monday September 26.

This follows the death of two-time Prime Minister and Leader Emeritus of the People’s United Party (PUP) Rt. Hon. George Cadle Price.

Mr. Price, 92, died at 6:30 am on Monday at the Belize Healthcare Partners Hospital in Belize City. He had been hospitalize since Wednesday, September 14 after he suffered a fall at his home in Belize City.

Mr. Price had undergone surgery to remove a blood clot and was in a medically induced coma.

In a statement broadcast to the nation at midday on Monday, Prime Minsite Barrow described Mr. Price as “a giant of a man, the greatest architect of Belizean nationalism and Belizean sovereignty.”

He announced that a diplomatic note had been sent out “to inform the world of Mr. Price’s passing.”

Mr. Barrow said that the government of Belize in conjunction with Mr. Price’s family is making arrangements for a state funeral to take place on Monday, September 26.

Until that, time flags in Belize are being flown at half mast, with the exception of Independence Day on Wednesday of this week.

“On behalf of a grateful nation to which Mr. Price devoted his entire life, I offer condolences to his immediate and extended family and to the People’s United Party,” the Prime Minister’s statement said.

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3 thoughts on “Father of the Nation, Rt. Hon. George Cadle Price passed away

  1. My brother and I were just discussing Mr Price’s health yesterday on long distance, and recalling what he has done for Belize.

    Mr Price was one of those people that appear all too rarely in history – the true patriot, and he will go down in history in the company of people like the US founding fathers, Irish nationalists and others for whom the welfare of their people and country transcended any personal motivation.

    He was passionate, courageous and had a vision he devoted his entire life to.

    Most importantly, this quiet man of action made it happen.

    He shared a vision of Belize that many people did not think was possible in the 1950s – a free, independent, multicultural Central American nation based on the ideals of equality and fairness. During his journey he faced many obstacles and temptations, but he never wavered and tirelessly worked towards realising Belize’s potential. He believed in and loved not just Belize, but BELIZEANS, and this is why he was so loved in return – you could feel it, and we were inspired by it.

    It is truly sad, but somehow fitting that Mr Price would pass on so close to the 21st of September – a date that will always be associated with him. For many of us, the celebrations will now be touched with a certain sadness, but also with the quiet joy of recognising a life well lived, and for having been fortunate enough to have lived in the same era of such a man.

    Rest in peace George Price – your actions, good works and love will live on for many many years.

  2. You brought us out of the modern day dark ages, and into the ever changing modern time days, something only a “giant of man could do.” and for that ur family, the entire country of Belize, the P.U.P. and the Hegar Family will gladly be grateful of and thank you very much Mr. Price.

    May you, the Rt. Hon, George Cadle Price rest in peace and may God have You in his everlasting glory.

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