Internship at Chaa Creek, Belize: Dora Paz

Chaa Creek regularly hosts local and international student internships and we’ve decided to start sharing their experiences via our Belize travel blog and social media accounts. Their characters and point of views are extremely interesting and we appreciate their participation. Enjoy this interview with Dora Paz, a recent undergraduate from Galen University which is located in the Cayo District.

belize internship at Chaa Creek

Please tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a Belize native originally from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye but relocated to Belmopan City a few years ago. I recently completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management and I’m now managing Tio Pil’s Hotel in San Pedro. I’m adventurous, full of energy, hardworking and determined. I love life!

Why did you decide to do your internship at Chaa Creek?

I chose Chaa Creek because I felt that I could learn the most from a place that is renowned in Belize and abroad for its high quality service, eco-friendly practices and effective marketing.

What types of responsibilities did you have during your internship?

While at Chaa Creek offices, I was placed in several departments including accounts, where I helped prepare reconciliation reports, reservations, where I was shown the reservations system, and marketing, where I helped promote their Belize Summer Specials and assisted with their Eco-kids Scholarship Camp.

At the Lodge itself I helped the front desk by check-in guests and entering their information to the database system. I was also given the opportunity to experience several different aspects of the tourism product including the tours, i.e. horseback riding with Robert and the Natural History Museum with Brion.

What was your most memorable thing about your internship?

One single memory is hard to choose. I utterly enjoyed having lunch with Mick Fleming, Ben Awe, Bryony Bradley and Joe Awe on my first day at the Lodge – where could an intern hang out with the owner and managers of a prestigious business and carry on great two-way conversations? A tour of the Maya Farm with Mick was awesome – the farm is fascinating and I could really see Mick’s passion for organic farming. I came to realize that you need to love what you’re doing to be successful. Lastly, how can I forget the “goodbye hug” Mrs. Mai gave me right before I left – she is the epitome of what the service industry should be; her concern and warmth made my experience become personal and until this day, I still desire to return to Chaa Creek! The entire internship was incredible!

Would you care to share a special note with us?

I’d like to thank Chaa Creek for allowing me to do my internship with them and for making me feel welcomed! What I learned throughout my month long internship I have already begun to use daily!  THANK YOU!

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