The Maya Organic Farm – A Green Way to Experience Belize

The Maya Organic Farm at Chaa Creek has been selected by as a green way to experience Belize. is an independent travel company based in the Pacific Northwest of the United States and since 1998 their purpose has been to cultivate an organic community that encourages independent travel.

In the article titled ” 8 Green Ways to Experience Belize” they write:

Beyond the thatched cottages, pools, and outdoor restaurants, Chaa Creek resort prides itself on being a nature preserve. From visiting their butterfly farm to the night walk through the rainforest led by naturalist guides, they offer a multitude of ways to get to know the land right on their 365 acre property.

Possibly the best part is their sweeping organic farm, which provides most of the vegetables and herbs for their restaurants, along with food for the animals who live there. Owner Mick Fleming is enthralled with organic farming, relying mostly on traditional Maya methods to grow food and sustain the ecosystem.

Ride on horseback out to the farm, where you’ll smell the lemongrass used in teas as you watch the worms go to town in their worm bins, providing nutrients for acres of plants.

Other green ways to experience Belize included the famous ATM Cave, Ancient Maya Temples of Xunantunich, Cyrila’s Chocolate, Lamanai Outpost, Maya Homestay, Splash Dive Center, and of course Belize Jungle Tours.

The article was written by Christine Garvin who took part in the Belize Tourism Board’s Maya 2012 Group Press Trip.

To read the full article, please go to and to learn more about the 33 acres of Maya Organic Farm at Chaa Creek, please visit the Maya Organic Farm webpage.

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