Belize photo of the Rio Grande Leopard Frog

Belize Photo of the Day: The Rio Grande Leopard Frog

Belize photo of the Rio Grande Leopard Frog

Today’s Belize photo of the day is the Rio Grande Leopard Frog and its scientific name is Rana berlandieri. This aquatic frog is native to the southern US in Texas and New Mexico, and throughout south and central Mexico. This specie has been found from sea level to about 1,000 ft (333m) in elevation and may occur at higher elevations such as Belize’s Maya Mountains.

Due to the fact that they are habitually nocturnal, they are almost always encountered at night near water, usually permanent or temporary ponds like some by Chaa Creek’s horse stables, the marshes, or slow moving streams. During dry weather, to keep cool they may bury themselves under rocks, logs, or other forest debris.

Fun fact of the day:

The male Rio Grande Leopard Frog makes a rattling call loud enough to be heard over a quarter mile away.

Photo submitted by Naturalist Guide: Hilberto Tut

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