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Chaa Creek remembers “Green Apple” Steve Jobs

The Lodge at Chaa Creek, Belize’s first eco resort and most vocal advocate for responsible travel, has posted an unusual obituary that highlights Steve Job’s contribution to environmentally sound business practices.

“Steve Jobs felt a responsibility towards environmental sustainability, and translated that responsibility into his company’s operations and practices. However, this was not something he publicised and, in our view, never received enough credit for,” the dedication reads.

Chaa Creek GM Lucy Fleming said she was motivated by reading obituaries that focussed on Job’s business acumen, technological innovation and financial success.

“While these attributes and successes are amazing and laudable, as environmentalists who try to align our business practices with environmental and social responsibility, we thought it important to speak up and point out this other aspect of an extraordinary man and his career,” Ms Fleming said.

The Chaa Creek dedication notes that Jobs did weather criticism from certain Green groups for not doing enough for the environment, but goes on to describe how he turned that criticism around to effective action in creating what he called a “Greener Apple”.

The dedication, which is posted on Chaa Creek’s Belize Travel Blog, describes Job’s philosophy that “it is the total environmental impact of a business’ products, not just the emissions of factories, that counts, and that it is time to focus on a company’s results, not its lofty goals.”

Ms Fleming said her team at Chaa Creek took this advice to heart.” I think what he was saying was that you don’t just tinker around the edges when it comes to environmental commitment – it needs to be imbued into your planning, practices and operations to be truly effective and long lasting.

The dedication also quotes an industry insider as describing Job’s environmental focus by saying, “These strides show that an industry leader can still be incredibly successful while making steps to help the environment.”

“That hit the nail on the head for us,” Ms Fleming said, “It really encapsulates what we’re trying to do in Belize – show people that you can be successful, deliver a high quality product and services while tackling environmental issues and working towards a sustainable future.”

The Lodge at Chaa Creek, set in a 365 acre Belizean rainforest reserve with over 125 employees has earned a worldwide reputation and numerous awards for developing sound environmental practices, educational programs and innovative approaches to Green business practices.

“We’ll all miss Steve Jobs, and for us at Chaa Creek the best tribute to this great visionary will be to use him as an inspiration to align business success with environmental success, and show our colleagues that this can be done, profitably and effectively.  I think he’d like that,” Ms Fleming said.

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1 thought on “Chaa Creek remembers “Green Apple” Steve Jobs

  1. Thanks for another slant on this incredible person, and for giving hope to those of us who believe that you can run a business and still do the right thing.

    It’s also good to know that people in Belize are working to preserve its beauty – it’s the most beautiful, amazing place I’ve ever been to.

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