Gene Simmons – another happy victim of the Belizean love bug

Rocker Gene Simmons is probably smiling and scratching his head as he asks himself that age old question. What is it about Belize and romance?

Maybe it’s the perfect weather, the swaying palms in the moonlight shining through clear Caribbean skies, the profusion of colourful flowers, bird song everywhere you go, the smiles and warm friendliness of just about everyone you meet.

Whatever the reason, Belize is the place where the love light seems to always burn brighter, and even jaded rockers with a long line of amorous liaisons behind them fall prey to the magic.

Yes, after a long career as the front man for the pop group KISS and almost three decades and two children with his long-time girlfriend Shannon Tweed, Mr Simmons finally popped the Big Question under the sunny skies of Belize.

Viewers of his reality show, Gene Simmons Family Jewels were amazed when Gene knelt on a picture-perfect weathered old dock jutting out into the Caribbean, looked up into the eyes of his beloved, and spoke those now famous words:

“I come with so much baggage, but you’re the only friend I’ve got, you’re the only one I’ve ever loved,” he said. “I’ve never said those words to anybody. It’s funny, I used to watch movies where they say I can’t live without you, but for me it’s true.

“Will you marry me?”

Even for us hopeless romantics at Chaa Creek, where hundreds of lovers have proposed, been married and celebrated dreamy honeymoon vacations, it was touching.

While there was some speculation at the time of the proposal whether the wedding would actually come off, the Belize magic obviously kept working after the couple got home, and this week they were married in front of 400 of their friends and family members including children Sophie, 19, and Nick, 22 and a swag of celebrities, including Tweed’s former beau Playboy king Hugh Hefner and television host Bill Maher.

Maher famously tweeted “At the Gene Simmons-Shannon Tweed wedding – a dog just walked down the aisle ahead of the bride so it’s a good start.”  And people wondered if he was referring to Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman, who was also in attendance.

Now that the nuptials are over, we can’t help but wonder if Mr and Mrs Simmons won’t be joining other celebrities, such as Reese Witherspoon, in celebrating their honeymoon in Belize.

After all, the proposal obviously worked a treat…

And of course you don’t need to be a celebrity to enjoy the romantic interlude of a lifetime, whether by taking advantage of Chaa Creek’s beautiful Wedding Vacation packages, amorous all-inclusive Honeymoon Vacation packages, or just getting away from it all to spend time with each other in a very romantic Treetop or private Jacuzzi suite.

Even if your Belizean romantic interlude doesn’t lead to a star-studded Beverly Hill wedding, we can guarantee that it will be one of those moments you and your lover will remember forever.

Just ask Mr and Mrs Gene Simmons…

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