Get rid of post vacation stress, but how?

Is there anybody who would not love to take a short break from the busy life and leisure around in his favourite location? Holidaying with loved ones is what anybody would dream of to get away from the hectic boring life. However, it is sometimes astonishing to find that post-vacationing or holidaying can be stressful too. It is also surprising to find that one feels more stressed when he returns back to regular day-to-day activities. Scientists have named this situation as ‘Post Travel Syndrome (PTS) or Post Vacation Slump’. It is hence always important for anyone to be aware of such situations and overcome them smartly. Just read on to know how you can overcome post vacation stress effectively.

Steps to avoid post vacation stress at work

Post-vacation stress at work

Surveys and polls report that one of the best methods to stop post vacation blues at work would be by planning for a next holiday. This method of beating the blues has a great momentum to avoid stress at work after a great holiday.

Various other methods to beat this syndrome are

  1. Creating an album or by viewing pictures taken during the vacation
  2. Giving good rest to the body by going to sleep on time
  3. Eating properly and drinking plenty of water
  4. Forcing oneself in to the regular day-to-day activities

Business management

Returning to business after a long vacation is sometimes boring. It takes few days to return to normal in the case of a business. But this condition may vary in few people. This situation can be overcome by completing all important jobs on time and by not leaving loop holes in any of the tasks. It’s easier said than done. One tip that can help is that you can start off with easier jobs rather than the tough ones so that you can catch up with others when you start working in full swing. However, the best would be assigning and completing all important works before leaving for a vacation which can leave you with a free mind when you return back to work. Remember to inform the next person responsible in your business about your trip so that he can contact you whenever required.

Post vacation stress management by vacation pre-planning

Planning for a vacation

Planning vacation

Pre-vacation planning is important to get rid of post –vacation stress. It is always a good idea to consult with your co-partner or with others who have already been to the place. You will thus be able to make a proper plan after you have collected few ideas from them. Improper planning and incomplete decisions can lead to a tiresome journey accompanied by arguments, long drives and walks, unfruitful visits and above all wastage of time and money. Several other factors to overcome post vacation stress are discussed below.

Plan for yourself

Prepare a to-do list so that you do not forget anything important for the vacation. Proper pre-planning is important and can help you avoid stress and tension both during the time of travel as well as your post vacation period.

Financial issues

One of the common post-vacation stresses is caused by financial problems. Several factors are responsible for this issue and hence it is very important to know about the cost and approximate expenses when a room is booked or when food is ordered. Unnecessary expenditure spoils the holiday spirit.

Health precautions

Falling sick during a vacation is the most dreadful experience for anybody. Hence, consult a doctor about your health before you leave for a holiday. Carry all the medicines you take regularly and also the first aid kit. Children are easily susceptible to new place, water and climatic conditions. Hence, take care in everything they do.

Expect no wonders

Never expect any miracles (like reunion of separated couples, a total change in life, love declaration etc.,) to happen after a fine vacation. After all, it is just taking off from a busy schedule and enjoying life the most.

Exercise properly

Exercise is essential both before and after a long journey as you have to sit for long hours in the same posture and also eat only that is available. Healthy eating and proper exercise prior to travelling makes the body prepared for a pleasant yet tiresome journey.

Know your luggage

It is essential to take luggage only on allowed weights and also to have correct online boarding passes before reaching the airport. Otherwise which might cause unnecessary delay and tension when you are about to start off for a pleasant trip.

At boarding stations

At times, the process of check-ins and security checks tends to create a lot of stress while starting off for a jolly trip. This situation can be avoided by boarding flights at small regional airports rather than bigger and busiest ones such as Heathrow, Manchester and Gatwick. Also, it is better to reach the airport a day before if you have to travel long to the airport so that you can avoid hurrying in the last minute.

Climatic conditions

Try not to explore a new location for a day or two initially as you might get stressed too much. Instead, get to know your surroundings and start off with your holiday without worries.

Avoid too much of sun

Sun burn is one of the most common problems that affects tourists when they spend too much of their time out in the sun. Though this advice is ignored by many, causes stress after a vacation. So avoid staying out in the sun for too long.

Eat and drink moderately

It is always important to restrain ourselves from eating and drinking excessively though it is often tempting. Over eating can make your vacation a worst experience.

Friendly interaction

A fight or quarrel with your travel companions spoils the holiday mood of others too. Hence, make sure to listen to the opinions of others too rather than sticking on to ones own preferences.

Stay away from work

Remember not to take your laptop or office mobile along with you when you are going for a holiday. Otherwise, this will spoil the spirit of holidaying.

Expect the unexpected

Planning for a holiday does not always give you good results. You might sometimes have to come across few unexpected situations which require presence of mind to tackle any issues. Discussion with experienced can help you to a great extent to decrease tension at the time of any untoward incidents.

Holidaying releases stress and strain and soothes the tired body and soul. It can be considered fruitful only if post-vacationing can bring back those memorable moments spent with near and dear ones. Wishing you a happy vacation in advance, I hope that these would be helpful for all those planning for a vacation in the near future!

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