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National Geographic’s Intelligent Travel “Radar” is Featuring The Music of Belize

An article titled “The Music of Belize” written by Road Warrior Lily Girma is being featured on the National Geographic’s Intelligent Travel “Radar”.

The Intelligent Travel Section of National Geographic showcases the best of Cultural, Authentic and Responsible Travel by highlighting places, practices and people that are on the front lines of sustainable travel – travel that preserves places’ essential uniqueness for future generations.

The following Music videos of Mr. Peter, Belizean accordionist of “Boom and Chime”  and Florencio Mes, a Maya harp player are two videos that are featured in Lily’s article:

Mr. Wilfred Peters (1931/2010) is the uncontested King of Brukdown. A Belizean icon, he has been performing for over sixty years, defining the genre, which combines African rhythms and call-and-response patterns with European harmonies and Belizean Creole lyrics. Instrument are the guitar, banjo, accordion, steel drums, jawbone of a donkey and even turtle shells.

As one of the “kings” in the opening night documentary that kicked off the Belize International Film Festival, Florencio Mes, a Maya harp player, who also constucts his own instuments, performed prior to the screening of the film “Three Kings” which was filmed, produced and directed by Katia Paradis.

In the article, Lily describes the different kinds of Belizean Music – Punta, Punta Rock, Brukdown, Paranda and the Mayan Marimba and Harp Music, and the Belizean artists to listen to.

Please go to “The Music of Belize” to read her article.

What kind of Belizean Music do you like to listen? Would love to hear your thoughts if you leave a comment below.

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