white-fronted parrot in a common wildlife in Belize

Belize Photo of the Day: The White-fronted Parrot

white-fronted parrot in a common wildlife in Belize

Today’s Belize photo of the day is the White-fronted Parrot and its scientific name is Amazona albifrons. This specie is also known as the White-fronted Amazon and nicknamed the Spectacled Amazon Parrot. It is named for it’s white patch of feathers on their foreheads and bright red coloring around their eyes.

Being a native of Mexico and Central America, you can find it commonly in forested areas in Belize. If you are a parrot lover, treat yourself by visiting Chaa Creek as they are abundant around our lodge and at our 365 acre private nature reserve. Here you will be able to hear their imitation of about 30 to 40 different sounds.

Parrots are known to have a large life span, and the White-fronted Parrot for example, has an average life span of around 40 years.

Fun fact of the day:

You can differentiate their sex of a White-fronted Parrot very easily, the adult males have bright red feathers on their shoulders while the females have green.

Photo submitted by Naturalist Guide: Hilberto Tut

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