Chaa Creek Offers Tips For a Safe Spring Break

Safety is becoming more of a factor in the choice of a Spring break location, and this trend is prompting resorts and their guests to consider safe travel options, according to Chaa Creek’s marketing administrator, Larry Waight.

“In the past, the emphasis was on party party party,” Mr Waight said, “But this year we are seeing an increasing number of enquiries, from both students and parents, about safety issues in regard to Easter break celebrations, and here in Belize the tourism industry is responding to this trend.”

Mr Waight also pointed to an increasing number of web sites and programs with names like Safe Spring Break and Coolest Spring Break that are targeting Spring Break safety issues, and remarked that safety should also be a primary concern for tourism industry professionals.

“At Chaa Creek, our philosophy has always been to work with our guests and colleagues to ensure not only the most exciting, but safest visitor experiences possible. This is an integral part of our responsible travel ethos that we like to communicate to guests and our colleagues.”

Mr Waight said travellers should use internet searches to learn more about personal safety when travelling, and offered some of Chaa Creek’s own safe travel tips.

  • Do your own research –know what to expect
  • Compile a list of useful contacts and phone numbers such as embassy and tourism offices
  • Know your routes from the airport to destinations before you land
  • Abide by local laws and customs and do not engage in risky or illicit behavior
  • Pack sensibly and have your own personal necessities, including medications

Mr Waight said that Belize in general and Chaa Creek in particular were safe destinations, especially when visitors took advantage of all-inclusive tours.

“In addition to being very cost effective, our all-inclusive Belize vacation packages have our drivers pick you up at the airport, deliver you in comfort and safety to our 365 acre private nature reserve, and bring you back to the airport upon leaving. With our Rainforest and Reef vacation packages we also look after your transfers to and from our partner resorts on the Caribbean seacoast and islands,” he said.

Mr Waight said that while Belize has a unique history and culture, it shares many attributes other Spring break destinations are famous for, including white sandy beaches, warm weather and a relaxed atmosphere, but with a friendly English speaking culture and boasting numerous archaeological sites and Maya temples.

“We want people to know they can feel relaxed and safe while enjoying a great 2012 party in the Heartland of the Maya and on our Caribbean beaches by just using common sense,” he said.

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