Myth of the Money Tree

Located at the entrance to the Rainforest Medicinal trail of the lodge is the Provision Bark (Pachira aquatica),  which is also known as the “Money Tree”. This plant is known to improve health and well-being and is found in local folklore as attracting good luck, money and wealth.

The Money Tree is native to marsh lands in Central and South America as well as Taiwan and other Asian countries where Feng Shui is popular. In Feng Shui, plants and flowers have different energies and meaning and Feng Shui practitioners consider the Provision Bark a fortunate flower. This special type of Bonsai is important in China as a gift during the Chinese New Year and is believed to carry with it strong Chi.

The myth of the Money Tree, in one account, originates as a poor man prayed for better fortune and found this plant whose fruits can weigh up to six pounds and seeds can be roasted or crushed into a paste like peanut butter.  Selling the seeds then made the man wealthy.

Highly regarded as a blood tonic, the tea made by boiling its bark is known to help anemia, low blood pressure, fatigue and builds strength.

To learn more about rainforest remedies in Belize, please visit our Maya rainforest medicine web page.

Photo taken by Naturalist Guide: Hilberto Tut

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