The Shrimp Plant of Belize

Jungle Shrimps

The Shrimp Plant (Justicia brandegeana) is an evergreen shrub belonging to the family Acanthaceae. The most compelling feature of this plant is the red-orange, arched, heart shaped bracts surrounding the white flowers. When grown in light shade and moist soil, it can grow to be 3 to 4 feet in height and blooms throughout the year.  Other than being a native species of Mexico, this ornamental plant can be grown by propagation from cuttings or air layering.

Location, location, location

As if reminding guests of the ocean nearby, this plant’s exotic appeal enriches the ambiance of our Belizean lodge as its flowers (as the name suggests) resemble small sea faring creatures which are in abundance off our magnificent Caribbean shoreline.

Several of these “jungle shrimps” are visible from the posh, eco-friendly infinity pool. So whether you want to perfect your tan in a lush tropical environment or you’d like a romantic hideaway, the abundance of natural delights will be awaiting your visit. And if you follow our blog updates you’ll surely have a plethora of knowledge about the natural environment of Belize, great for stimulating conversation or impressing your date.

Photo taken by Naturalist Guide: Hilberto Tut

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