Easter Greetings from Chaa Creek

The management and staff of the Lodge at Chaa Creek would like to wish everyone a happy, healthy and safe long Easter weekend. Rest assured that that tireless Belizean Easter Bunny will be making the rounds in our little rainforest paradise as well as in your own homes.

Easter is a great way to take some time out and enjoy friends and family and maybe a bit too much indulgence with that gift the ancient Maya bestowed upon the rest of the world. Xocoatl, better known as chocolate, will no doubt be consumed in its myriad forms around the world today, and here in some villages and many homes of Belize, Maya families will be enjoying it as the hot, foamy and slightly spicy drink that has been passed down generation to generation for thousands of years.

It’s great that some things never change.

And while every Easter is a special time, Easter 2012 has a particular significance here in the Heartland of the Maya. All around the world, those of the Christian faith revere Easter as a celebration of the resurrection of Christ, as a time of renewal and a celebration of new beginnings as well as a time for deep reflection.

For the Maya, 2012, with the completion of a thousands-years-long cycle of the Maya Long Count, carries enormous significance as a time for reflection and renewal as well. The ancient Maya saw time as a continuation of cycles, so the end of one era ushered in a new one, and this is why such importance is given to the Winter Solstice of 2012 – just as with Christ’s resurrection, it carries a message of hope for all of humankind.

So in this sprit, all of here at Chaa Creek wish our many friends the world over a very happy Easter. No matter what your culture or beliefs, we can all appreciate optimistic best wishes for our collective future and individual happiness.

This, for us, represents the true joy of Easter.

And, of course, let’s take a minute out to once again thank the ancient Maya for that wonderful Easter present – it just wouldn’t be same without your delightful invention of delicious Xocoatl.

Happy Easter everyone!

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