Senior-Friendly Activities in Belize

Finding senior activities in the Belize area on the Chaa Creek Reserve may not be as difficult as you think. There are many fun and entertaining things to do that will keep you happy for hours. Just try some of these activities and you will see the beauty of Belize.

Maya Farm Tour

The Maya Organic Farm is integral to the Chaa Creek Rain forest Reserve. Here you can see cacao, vegetables and root crops growing and the farm also produces dairy and meat. The farm has many onsite activities like seeing the farming methods used and can be visited on horseback. Seniors will be able to enjoy the richness of agricultural life with the farm tour and many of the onsite activities are easy enough for most seniors to participate in.

Rainforest Medicine Trail

Does a soft hike sound like a good idea? The Belize Medicine Trail winds around the Macal River, and it is full of plants used for medicinal purposes. None of the plants here were planted by people; everything is natural and grows without any human intervention. The hike is very easy, and you only need basic fitness to get through it. If you can walk for an hour, then you can easily go through this without any problems. On the way, you will learn about plants that are known to alleviate diabetes, along with vines and plants that contain drinking water.

Bird Watching Tours

There are over 500 types of birds in Belize and finding them all is a wonder. The bird watching tours will go through a 365-acre area, guided by professionals that know where and how to find the best bird species. They will even help you spot the birds, as it can be difficult since they camouflage so well in the forest. The tour lasts about two hours, and most of the topography is easy to get through with average fitness.

Butterfly Farm Tours

Similar to the bird watching tour, this tour is about watching butterflies. Belize is home to some of the most colorful butterflies on the planet, like the Belizean Blue, which is a bright and vibrant blue that is easily recognizable. The farm is home to many different butterfly species, and you can learn about the butterfly’s life cycle.

Natural History Center

The Natural History Center is a great place to learn about the history of Belize. This center details information from prehistoric times, and goes all the way up to modern times, so you will learn everything in-between. There are also numerous displays showing artifacts, natural inhabitants and temples. This is a very comprehensive center so you can learn everything about the surrounding area.

Belize Spa

The Spa at Chaa Creek is one of the best spas in the world. You will be given a professional therapist that will help you pick many different treatments, so you can customize your spa experience. All of the treatments are sustainable, so it does not affect the nearby area, and the oils used during the massage are all natural and based on plants from the surrounding area. There are mud treatments and herbal wraps as well so you can feel calm and soothed.

Creatures of the Night

Are you curious about the Belizean nocturnal animals like the ocelot, howler monkey and patoos? You can see them on the Creatures of the Night tour. This tour starts at 8:00 pm and it lasts about two hours. You will be able to see all the nocturnal species in the surrounding area as they leap and play in the forest. There will be a professional tour guide to make sure you see all the best animals.


There are many senior-friendly activities in Belize that are easy on the body and can teach you a lot about the Belizean area. Not only that, but you can relax in the spa or see bird and butterflies through the guided tours. There are many other activities as well, so go to Belize and have a fun time. You will be happy you went.

Bio: Tom Demers writes for Assisted Living Today, a leading source of information on senior care, including tools to help you find assisted living properties.

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