A Green Dream to Reality

By Diani Roches (12 years old)

My name is Diani Roches and I know I want to be an Eco-kid because I love nature, love to go on adventures and love animals. The reasons why I really want to be an Eco-kid are because I want to know more about nature and to have a better education. This will be a great opportunity to experience more about history and knowledge about Chaa Creek. I love camping, telling ghost stories, riding horses, love surprises and more. I am a very smart, intelligent student at Ebenezer Methodist School. I am also a Christian who loves to go outside and explore.

I want to study the knowledge of my country, Belize. So knowing that you can join a wonderful place and learn and get a scholarship is awesome. I am twelve years old and when I grown up to be eighteen, I want to teach children about their country because studying the history is very important. I want to be an Eco-kid because I want an education. I want to have a scholarship so I could go to high school, and I want to go to University. I really don’t have any real camping experience but I will learn. I heard that Chaa Creek is the best resort in Belize and the world. I always wanted to visit Chaa Creek and be a part of its prestigious history. I hope I get a chance to ride a horse, it is one of my favorite fantasies. I’ve never been on a camp trip before and being an Eco-kid will be one of the greatest experiences in my life that I will cherish forever. I’ll be excited to spend  nine days as an Eco-kid at the prestigious Chaa Creek Resort.

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